Shop and Ship Services

What is Shop ‘N Ship UK

BM Shop ‘N Ship to Philippines is the newest service offered by BM Express International UK Ltd. catering to the needs of Filipinos, Brits, and avid online shoppers who would like to send their shopped items to the Philippines. We understand that some stores and online shopping sites do not ship and deliver internationally. Hence, we offer this service to help you ship the items anywhere in the Philippines.

How much does it cost

Prices can bee seen on the link below. Just select on delivery location and pick shipping method.

How does it work?

Shop online from any UK ecommerce website or a store in the UK and have the products transported and delivered to the Philippines using our Ship ‘N Shop UK to Philippines service.

1.  All you have to do is to instruct the merchant (the online shopping site or the retailer where you ordered the products) to deliver it to our depot. Please do not forget to indicate the name of your consignee (receiver) in the Philippines.

Please see the sample below:

To: Juan Dela Cruz (receiver)
c/o BM Express International UK Limited
Safestore, Bounds Green Industrial Estate

Bounds Green Road, N11 2UD, London
Mobile: 073 6646 0236

2. After which, please sms (07366460236) or email ( and notify us of your incoming package/s. We will need your name, the name of your consignee in the Philippines, the destination address in the Philippines, and their contact numbers (both yours and your consignee).

We also need to know if your items will be sent with air or sea cargo.

3. We receive the Box/Boxes/ and take a picture and send you an invoice with a payment link via email and our online store.

4. Pay our account through credit card or directly on our BM Express UK Online Store

5. Once paid, we load on the next available shipment for delivery to the Philippines.