DHL Partner Zones - UK

No matter where you are in the UK, you can now send Regular size Balikbayan box via Courier Partner Services.  To our customers not covered by BMExpress Agents,

Here is how to order and send your boxes:

1. Order a BMEXpress "Regular box" online and pay your deposit of £10 per box. Confirmation mail will be sent along with tracking of your box delivery.

Note: Only Economy/Medium Boxes is possible to use via this method. There is no limit to the number of boxes you can send.

2. We will send your box or boxes through a local partner courier (DHL) and it will be delivered through your home in 3-4 days.

3. Pack your items (max. weight of 50kg/box due to UK/Courier partner regulations).  Write From and To Address/Phone Number on the box. 

4. Call us to book your scheduled pickup. DHL will come and put a sticker on the box and sent this to our warehouse.

BMExpress UK Ltd

Safestore Self Storage

Bounds Green Road

N11 2UD

London UK

Phone : 07366460236

6. Pay our account through credit card, bank transfer or directly on our BM Express UK Online Store. If via bank transfer, customer to send an sms to confirm bank transfer to our mobile 07366460236. We will confirm pickup only after payment has been confirmed.

7. Once paid, we load on the next available shipment for delivery to the Philippines.




We are constantly trying to improve our services and expanding our Agent network.  If your interested to become a BMExpress UK Agent, contact us.