Outside Greater London Area and Want to Send Air Cargo to the Philippines

In order to support and accommodate our customers who want to send their Air Cargo packages (1-20kg) before Christmas but are in far places outside Greater London areas.  Here are ways for you to avail of our services.

If your outside Greater London Area

How to send your item:

1. Buy box with approx dimensions of 38 cm x W38cm x H45cm (This can handle up-to-20-30kg). For smaller packages 1-10kg please use smaller boxes.

2. Pack your items, Weigh and write From and To Address on the box. Use our form if needed.

3. Use parcel company (www.parcel2go.com) to send your item to

BMExpress UK Ltd

Safestore Self Storage

Bounds Green Road

N11 2UD

London UK

Phone : 07366460236

Fees range from (5-15 GBP) for items 5-20kg. 

Send us a quick sms that you have sent the item with your Name and Address and tracking.


4. We receive the AirCargo parcel.

5. We weigh and take a picture of item with the weight. We will send the picture and invoice via email.

6. Pay our account through bank transfer or card directly on our BM Express UK Online Store. If via bank transfer, customer to send a picture or sms of the bank transfer to our mobile 07366460236

Once the payment is received, we will send on the next air cargo shipment.

We are constantly trying to improve our services and expanding our Agent network.  If your interested to become a BMExpress UK Agent, contact us.